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a deal and let's move on. a-rod, they're going to fight. >> shepard: nelson cruz from the texas range 'ers has a statement. four or five statements on nelson cruz. all those players and all those other teams must be mighty thankful there's this 4 billion-pound elephant in the big city. >> any other situation nelson cruz would be heyed heyed the -- headline. lees the rangers in home runs, an al championship series mvp. everybody is waiting for a-rod's comment and then guys like jhonny peralta, good player, nelson cruz, names, household names, ryan braun is a household name. star of the league. no wince interested in them. it's all about alex rodriguez and it's the waiting game. >> adam mentioned melky cabrera but he was available for the postseason last year after his suspension. >> he served the 50-game suspension and they were going into the playoffs. the giants decided not to bring him on to the postseason roster. they went on and won the world series, but that was an interesting decision. we get him back but we're going to still keep him off the field. the yankees tonight, as a-rod
others in the texas army post back in 2009 p.m. major hasan has remained mostly silent during the trial. in his opening statement he said the evidence would show he switched sides. i mentioned the deliberations began. do we know anything more than that? >> reporter: no other than they just started. they got to work at about 1:45 p.m. texas time, 2:45. many people believe this is an open and shut case. they go through all the charges. there's 45 total. a little confusing but hasan charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. and then 32 counts of attempted predemeditated murder. both sides agreed to the less near clueded offense, unpremeditated murder, attempted unpremeditated murder and two variations of aggravated assault. these lesser included offensives under the premeditated murder umbrella we should point out a unanimous decision by the 13 member package is not required for a guilty verdict in a court martial rather a two-thirds majority, in other words, shepard, nine of the 13 panel members. >> what did the prosecution cover in its closing? >> reporter: it lasted about an hour a
. >> trace: just minutes ago the army psychiatrist whom jurors convicted of killing 13 people at a texas army post in 2009, rested his case without addressing the court. major nadal hasan indicated he would not call any witnesses in his sentencing phase, but it was not clear if he would make a statement. again, he didn't. and now those jurors are one step closer to deciding whether hasan will die for his crimes or spend the rest of his life in prison. casey stegal is live for us at fort hood. what happened? >> this one was a little surprising, i have to say, when the judge gave major hasan the floor, he simply said, the defense rests and that's what he said in the findings faces of the court-martial last week. some thought this would be his opportunity to talk today because in the sentencing phase there are far less restrictions if he decided to speak. meaning he could have even made some type of a statement without even taking an oath. instead of a question and answer format like he would have been required to do had he spoken last week. and many thought this would be his opportunity to expl
be scratching the surface in terms of what went on at the irs. kevin brady, texas rum run congressman, proves -- says the e-mails prove the administration wanted to harass conservatives. after today's hearing on capitol hill, the acting irs commissioner, danny werfel, didn't have much to say on the topic. >> i just went through three hours worth of questions. i'd rather spend more time. i just don't have the time to get into these issues. >> gnaw lawmakers are demand thing want all e-mails between the irs and the fec from 2008 to 2012. >> not the only topic of discussion on the hill. also the implementation or obamacare. >> that's right. the irs plays a key role in the implementation of obamacare. a question came um about why the union employees working at the irs are seeking an exemption from obama care when that agency plays such a critical role. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law you're to enforce? >> i can speak for myself. i prefer to stay withrrent polid with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through the change. >> change is comin
. investigators say they're working to determine if the gunman in a deadly shooting spree outside dallas, texas, used a grenade or other type of explosive device. the cops arrested the man after he shot and killed four people and wounded others at two different homes, 15 minutes and ten miles apart. and also say the attack appears to have been over a domestic dispute. police say two people who died were a mother and her 17-year-old daughter and two boys, age 11 and 13, were among the survivors the suck is a former acknowledgey sergeant who worked as a teacher and a hip-hop dancer for the dallas mavericks basketball team. >> long flights can sometimes seem to drag on forever. you can watch movies on some planes. now one airline is bringing in live entertainment. comedians and singers on the plane. we'll tell you which airlines on which you do not want to travel. that's next. >> shepard: listen to this. you can enjoy delicious airline food while listening to someone joking about delicious airline foods. virgin airlines is offering live music and live standup comedy on the plane. only for a limite
. what do we know about this little boy? >> texas police described dionne murdoch as courageous and determined. he was home alone when he came noises from the back of the familiar home and called 9-1-1. the dispatcher told him to lock himself in the bedroom. and he hit in a closet that was only feet away from the intruders. >> trace: courage is grace under pressure. dionne is one very brave little boy. trace? >> trace: what happened when the cops arrived? >> at least one of the intruders saw the police outside the house and they decided to make a run for it. deion remained on the telephone providing the best information he could. >> the intruder's two young many, were soon caught a quarter mile away. deion showed the type of bravery that few adults could muster, let alone a 12-year-old boy. >> and applause for the dispatcher as well. the right words to say to a young boy. david lee miller, thank you. >>> there's word the brave young girl whose family fought to get her on the adult transplant list may soon continue her recovery at home. a very encouraging update on sarah murnagha
spree at the texas army post back in 2009. of course, it left 13 people dead, it left 30 wounded. major hasan acted as his own attorney, but he offered virtually no defense at all. earlier today he chose not to give a closing statement before the deliberations began. hasan's stand by attorneys have said he seemed to have a death wish. now the jurors say they are ready to grant that wish. casey stegall has the news. he's live for us at fort hood. casey, what's the latest? >> reporter: trace, the deliberations only about two and a half hours compared to the six and a half hours that exact same 13-member panel used to convict major hasan of these 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder, but this morning at about 11:02 local time, just after noon in the east is when this 13 member panel of senior army officers began deliberating on whether or not hasan would get the death penalty. just before the top of this program, at the top of studio b, the top of 3:00 local or 3:00 eastern, i should say, is when the jury came into that room and said that they fou
turnout. so we're talking los angeles, san diego, san francisco, chicago, cities in texas, like dallas, houston, austin, indianapolis. so, the thing is, when we talk about the -- where the strikes are being held and the protests, it's mcdonald's, wendy's, burger burger king -- burger king, taco bell, and because this is a social media movement there's talk that retailers like macy's or sears or dollar stores could be hit. they also want the right to unionize. i'm not sure the workers realize that the labor movement is hurting right now, doesn't have a lot of members. if they are unionized they have to pay union dues. their families are already at the poverty line so that's an issue to consider. the franchiseees, the moms and pops who own these franchise restaurants saying their profit margin are so thin they can't afford to pay more money because you have to turn money around back to the parent companies like mcdonald's and burger king, and they're already saying they could replace those workeres easily with out mission with kiosks and pads. >> firefighters battling fires in the sierr
. >> to texas now, and on the eve of the trial of the accused fort hood shooter, survivor of the massacre says the suspect's open words prove it was an act of terror, not merely work place violence as the feds called the murders. last night we reported on hand-written letters which major nadal has san wrote him and he praises this guy, the now-dead american al qaeda leader anwar los angeles al lack can i. he asks forgiveness. his court-martial, set to begin on tuesday, and now we are hearing reaction to the suspect's letters from one of the survivors. doug is live in washington. reporter: sean manning this survivor's name. he was shot six times by major nadal hassan and was disgusted by what he read and the writings confirm this was no act of work place violence has the government termed it. >> the government has tried too deny this is an act of terrorism. i think if -- i hope that if people hear the words from hassan's own mouth, that they'll understand this was an act of terrorism. >> in one type document, hassan writes: american democracy and sharia law are incompatable there is an irrecon
at the texas army outpost, opening statements in nidal has hassan's court-martial is underway. prosecutors opened their case by saying that nidal hassan was out to kill as men soldiers as possible. hassan is act aing as his own attorney and said, we are imperfect muslims trying to establish the perfect religion. he continues, apologized for my mistakes i made in this endeavor. his original defense strategy was to say he carried out the killings in defense of others. the judge said he couldn't do that. being his own attorney it means he will likely come faves to face with shooting survivors. this case stirred anger amongst some of the survivors after the feds called it an work place violence instead of terror. security at the high-profile trial is extremely tight. ringing the courthouse, a barricade of shipping containers stacked three high. additional shock absorbing barriers rise almost to the building's roof and guards are standing watch with assault rifles. >> casey, on than his opening statement major hasan has not done much talking. >> the prosecution opening statement leased 45 minut
into a medical building at the texas military post back in 2009. he opened fire on soldiers preparing to deploy overseas. casey stegall is live at ft. hood. he's been inside the courtroom for much of the trial. casey, this panel really took their time, didn't they? >> reporter: yeah, gregg. they really did, deliberated for 6 1/2 hours total, 3 1/2 yesterday, and then roughly 3 today. you know, a lot of people really thought that this was an open and shut case, especially because at the very beginning in his opening statement major hasan himself said the evidence would show that he was, in fact, the shooter, but even so, and you can appreciate this being a lawyer, the charges were extensive. the panel members had a very long list to go through, and that takes a fair amount of time. so they wanted to make sure that all of the if"i"s were dotted a the "t"s crossed. he was found guilty on all 13 charges of premeditated murder for the 13 people who died and then 32 charges guilty of attempted premeditated murder. that was for those who were injured. the panel members' vote was unanimous on all of th
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)